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Our Founder’s Story  (Please read more of their stories by going to our Posts under “The Lee’s Stories on Rocky Mountain News).

TA 25th Years Anniversary2Setan and Randa grew up in loving Buddhist families and had just finished high school when the Khmer Rouge swept to power. Promising change and an answer to all the country’s problems, this socialist utopia soon became the killing fields where anyone with an education or other sign of social standing was brutally slaughtered. Setan and Randa each managed to survive working in the rice fields of the communes.

One day, the camp guards learned that Setan had attended University. He was led off with two others to be bludgeoned to death. As he was splattered from the others and knew he was next he cried out in desperation for the ‘God of the Universe’ to save him. Suddenly, the camp director ran up and commanded the guards to stop. Through a series of miracles, Setan eventually learned the name of the ‘God of the Universe’ and committed his life to serve Him. He then made it to a refugee camp in Thailand where he met Randa. They married and started their life as refugees in Aurora, Colorado.

They both worked multiple jobs enabling Setan to complete his Masters degree even as they began raising a family. When they learned that their home country was opening up, they decided that Setan would go back and try to help their people. The government was still not totally stable and he spent much of the first year in prison. However, they persisted and eventually they were able to establish outreach projects.

They started with the first Ministry Training School in the country because they had learned first-hand the power of the gospel to transform lives. As conditions improved, Randa was able to come over and help establish projects such as rescuing girls who were trapped in brothels and helping to protect children from being trafficked. Setan was even able to introduce the former Khmer Rouge leaders to Jesus Christ bringing final closure to the civil war that had cost him and their country so much.

God has since then blessed TransformAsia to become one of the largest mission organizations in Cambodia today.

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