Mission & Vision Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

TransformAsia Purpose Statement

(Our Win Statement)

We will raise up a new generation of fully devoted followers of Christ who have been transformed and equipped to influence the culture of Cambodia.


Vision Statement

We will bring eternal and lasting transformation to the Cambodian people thru the renewal of hearts and minds as we present the message of salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ

Lives will be transformed from:

  • Despair to Hope
  • Sorrow to Joy
  •  Works to Faith
  •  Merit to Grace
  •  Slavery to Freedom
  •  Fear to Love
  • Revenge to Forgiveness
  •  Anxiety to Peace
  • Receiving to Giving
  • Darkness to Light

We will do this through evangelism, discipleship, church planting, The David Center Orphanage, The Battambang Trade School, The New Development Women’s Center, the Trans.formAsia University, the Dump Daycare Center, the Child Sponsorship Program, mobile clinics, and musical evangelism.