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Setan Lee is on the radio! Every Monday to Friday, 8pm-10pm Indochina Time (it would be 8am-10am Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.).  Click on the photo below to download the app to start listening to “Transform Life” Radio Program.  (Please note this is in the Khmer language).


Please enjoy some of these videos that are from our TransformAsia YouTube channel, along with friends that have hosted Setan and our TA staff.  



TransformAsia Presentation

David Orphanage Center, Anlong Veng, Cambodia

Setan and Randa’s Stories on Video (1000 Years In The Killing Fields)

រឿង១០០០ឆ្នាំក្នុងវាលពិឃាដ (ភាសាខ្មែរ)

Rice Distributions


TransformAsia Video Presentation

Youth Camp Worship

Eyes Clinic Mission

Message from Pastor Mike Sprenger of King Church, Darlington, England


David Orphanage Center

Set Me Free’s Video

The David Orphanage Center

THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS (Setan’s Story in the Killing Fields of Cambodia)

Setan Biography’s Book

We Can’s Video

Setan’s Sermon

TransformAsia in Actions

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