Feed A Child

In 2007 TransformAsia received a gift that was given specifically for us to purchase a farm. The purpose of this gift was to help us become more self-supporting. We purchased a large farm in a remote area near Kambour Village. As we got acquainted with our neighbors we soon found that many of the people that lived in the Kambour Village were in a desperate state.  Most of the local farmers had lost their land to lenders because they had borrowed heavily during years of weather related crop failures.  As a result many of the parents had left their children with friends or family and moved to find work in Thailand. Because of the high rate of poverty these children are uncared for, malnourished and constantly hungry.  We felt that we had to do something to help this village and especially the children.


In 2008 we began a feeding program at our barn with 50 kids sitting on tarps on the floor to eat. We funded the program through individual sponsorships, but soon we had over 150 kids coming each day for a meal. With not enough funds to feed everyone we decided to feed only when we had enough money to feed everyone. We were determined to feed all of the children that came, but we were only able to feet 2-3 times a week as a result. Recently generous donations were provided to us from Canada and we have begun the process of increasing feedings more frequently!  We hope soon to have all the necessary staff in place to be feeding these children daily and expanding into outreach and educations programs for the many children in the area. If you would like to help us it only takes a little over $1 a day to ensure that 1 child will receive a daily meal.  Please prayerfully consider joining with us by supporting this program for $37 a month!