What We Are Doing

Setan and Randa Lee have been helping to feed children in Kambour Village for a number of years.  It is a small place with close to 300 children who are at extreme risk of exploitation because most of the parents have found no employment opportunities; so many of them have left their small children in the care of elderly relatives or the older children in their families and have gone to Thailand to look for work.  Sadly few of them ever return, leaving the children at great risk.  The older siblings and elderly relatives have little or no resources to feed and clothe these children. TransformAsia began to work with Setan and Randa toward building a sponsorship program to help feed these children.  The goal is to prevent these precious children from being kidnapped or sold into the sex trade, to provide clean drinking water and food, and to take medical personnel to the village periodically to improve their health. Some time after beginning work in Kambour Village, Setan received a phone call from a Canadian man who was inquiring about TransformAsia’s ministries and its purposes.  He asked Setan about the greatest need of his ministries at that time.  Setan told him about the children of Kambour Village and the great needs there.  They discussed how they desperately needed a well in the village for clean water to prevent more disease and health problems.  Also, that they truly needed a large building with a kitchen and dining area that could double as a place to have the children gather for meetings and to teach them about the Lord Jesus and His gospel.  The man listened intently.  He commented that perhaps toilet facilities were needed as well.  He asked Setan to give an estimate of the cost to do these things.  To Setan’s amazement, the man said he would send funds immediately to get these things accomplished.  Praise God for answered prayers! The building that TransformAsia built is now used as a community center and as a church outreach.  We are still hoping that in time, we will be able to build some dormitories to house the children in Kambour Village who often times do not feel safe sleeping in their own homes. You can help us feed all of these children 5 days per week at $37 per month.  We need 350 sponsors to meet this goal!