May 2016 News from the Front Line


Dear TransformAsia,

Randa and I truly appreciate you and your love toward the work of the Lord in Cambodia. We continue to grow because of people like you and your sacrificial prayers for the Kingdom’s work. May He continually bless you and your family, and all your endeavors for the Kingdom of God.

The Lord our God once said, “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed,” (Proverbs 19:17).This is exactly what TransformAsia is doing–serving the poor and the destitute, one life at the time. God has entrusted upon us to raise 65 orphans at the David Center; feed on a daily basis an average of 50 to 150 children at the Kambour Feeding Center; at the New Development center we help 23 girls and young women from abusive homes; provide housing and food for 14 high school and college students at the Battambang Center; and Monday through Friday we care for an average of 40 to 55 children whose homes are located at the Phnom Penh dump. Moreover, we  provide bags of rice to an average of 10,000 to 15,000 needy families across Cambodia on an annual basis.   God has raised up men who are helping me train the pastors of our churches around the country, as well as raise up new men and women to train for the future of the churches.

This is just a sampling of what TransformAsia is doing in Cambodia.   What I feel is the most important activity we are involved with is sharing an eternal treasure with these precious lives on every given basis and everyday that our Lord has bestowed upon us. Our faithful pastors, evangelists and Christian workers across Cambodia minister to people throughout the country from the local to the national level with Christ being the central message.  Please pray for every aspect of the work that God is doing through the people of TransformAsia day by day.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to the Lord and TransformAsia.  God will bless you just as He promised to bless His people in the Old Testament:   “He will love you, bless you, and multiply you. He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your ground, your grain and your wine and your oil, the increase of your herds and the young of your flock, in the land that he swore to your fathers to give you,” (Deuteronomy 7:13).

Yours Truly in Christ,

Setan A. Lee

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The Lee’s stories on Rocky Mountain News

We hope you enjoy reading the 12-part series written by the Rocky Mountain News in 2004.

Check out:

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TransformAsia’s Vision Trips 


  • July 31 – August 10, 2016

What is a Vision Trip? 

Vision Trips are specifically designed for you to experience and see first-hand the Cambodian culture, as well as the many needs of the men, women and children in many areas of that country.  You will also see the various ministry sites of TransformAsia (TA) around Cambodia.  The vision of TA is to rescue, care for, and provide physical needs, as well as to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ, and provide them with education.  We pray that they grow into people who can help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and contribute to the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Cambodia.

We hope that after your Vision Trip experience, you will return home with a new understanding and compassion to embrace the TransformAsia vision for Cambodia.  It is our hope that every man, woman and child experience God’s love and saving grace for their lives, and achieve a real recognition of the many solutions required to establish that vision.  We need partners like you to commit to working alongside us as we seek appropriate global solutions to the needs of the Cambodian people.

If God has put a seed in your heart to serve Him by serving the people of Cambodia, please join one of our Vision Trips.  You will see what God is doing there and really find out how you can become a part of this awesome ministry!  If you are not sure what God is calling you to do, we hope you can be part of the Vision Trip scheduled for July 31, 2016.  The number of people we can take on a trip is limited and the spots fill pretty quickly.  So we trust that you will get in touch with us and reserve your place as soon as possible.  Other Vision Trips will be scheduled later, but may not be possible until 2017.  We would love to show you around Cambodia and the various ministries of TransformAsia.

If you want to form your church or small group would like to form a team of 10 or more we would be willing to fit you into our schedule.  Please contact us for more information about bringing your own team!

Preliminary Travel Schedules

First day 

  • Team arrives in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.
  • Check in at the Midland Hotel ($25-$35/room for 2 people).

Second day 

  • Worship at Light of Grace Church (TransformAsia Ministry) in the morning.
  • Visit the Genocidal Museum and the Killing Fields, the rest of the day.
  • Return to Midland Hotel.

Third day 

  • Visit the Joy Day Care Center (Ministry to kids from 2 to 5 years old) from the Phnom Penh Dump.
  • Travel on National Road 5 to visit the New Development Center (Women’s Center) in Kampong Chhnang (2 ½ hours drive).  Spend the rest of the day with the TA staff and the girls that have been rescued from the street life style.
  • Check in to a local guesthouse (small hotel) equipped with air-conditioning ($15-$20/room for 2 people).

Fourth day

  • Visit with girls at the New Development Center for a few hours before we travel to Battambang (4-5 hour drive).
  • Check in at the local hotel ($25/room for 2 people).

Fifth day 

  • Visit the Battambang Trade School.  Visit with the girls as they learn how to sew, make glass jewelry, or learn basic computer skills.
  • Join the Street Children’s Ministry (pick them up from the streets, help bathe them, feed them, and get involved in the activities scheduled for them).
  • Overnight in Battambang again.

Sixth day 

  • Travel to the Children’s Feeding Center in Kambour Village (2 ½ hours drive on a good road, plus 16km on a more difficult road).  This feeding center helps care for abandoned children and children in dire need.
  • Continue journey to Siem Riep, where the ancient Angkor Wat is located, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Check into hotel for the night.

Seventh day 

  • Travel north to Anlong Veng to visit the David Orphanage Center (2 hour drive).
  • You will get involved in the children’s daily activities such as playing ball and learning English.  The highlight for those visiting these children is the evening devotions with them.  You’ll love to hear them sing of God’s love!
  • Rest one night in Anlong Veng ($20/room for 2 people).

Eighth day 

  • Travel back to Siem Riep.
  • Check in at local hotel.
  • Visit Angkor Wat and other ruins from 5BC to the 12th century.

Ninth day 

  • Team departs Siem Riep, Cambodia to return home.

Cost involved in the Vision Trips:

1. Teams should cover their own round trip tickets from the United States, Canada or Europe, plus a suggested donation of $300/each, to TransformAsia to further the ministry.

2. Teams are required to pay for food and lodging for the TA staff as they accompany you around the country.

Here are the costs when you are on the ground in Cambodia:

  1. Transportation: $50/day for mini bus, plus fuel ($10/person)
  2. Food: $15/day per person (will feed the drivers and TA staff as well)
  3. Drink and snacks: $3/day per person
  4. Hotel/guesthouse: $10-$20/day per person
  5. Miscellaneous: $30/person for the entire trip
  6. Suggested tip for driver and supporting staff:  Minimum $50/each

Dress code:

Teams should bring casual clothing for warm climate.  Shorts are not appropriate when visiting Angkor Wat and other ruins.

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The Allison’s in Cambodia–Coming Winter 2015/16

We would like to share with you about a couple who is looking to come for a month to help at the David Center.  This couple is not your ordinary young adults, they are in their late 70’s and are truly depending on the Lord to help with the funds for their journey which they will make later this year in December.  But these two truly have a passionate heart, and energy like young adults!  Please read what they have written from their heart, and pray about whether or not you can help them.  If anything, please pray for them!  Thank you,


In March 2015, Wayne and I went to Battambang, Cambodia.  We travelled with two teams.  Our mission was to team teach 100 ladies at the first ever women’s’ conference.  We taught food preservation via water bath canning.  The other team taught how to live a Christian life by loving, forgiving, embracing all that the Lord gives us.  When we had the foot washing ceremony, there was an immediate outpouring of love and truly, a melting pot of brokenness.

When Setan and Randa visited us in Texas, they shared specific needs at the David Center Orphanage.  Wayne and I are writing to ask you to pray for us.  Setan and Randa Lee (survivors of the killing fields/Transform Asia) have asked for us to return to Cambodia.  They have a “need” list for the David Center, an orphanage of 80 +/- children.  Our hearts were there, instantly.  Wayne will teach basic woodworking skills to the older males.  They will build a workbench, a place on a wall board for tools, saw horses and vertical shutters for the guest house.  Someone suggested we look at building yard benches. Perhaps teaching them to make these for use at the David Center and for a trade.

If time and funding permits…constructing a woodfire oven has been requested by Randa.  Merely having the ability to bake, will be useful for daily living.  The oven could open the door for many ideas.  One thing the French left them was knowing how to make bread.  French bread would be less costly than rice.  But, it also could lead to these young men having a trade, making the wood fire ovens. 

Randa has asked me to teach a  couple of things to the children.  I am in the process of gathering yarns and supplies to carry over.  These are weaving related–bands and pot holders.

We are looking at going at the end of December or first of January, staying for the month.

At the present, (and this is where prayer is so needed) our budget is $14,000.  This includes our airfare, hotel, meals, interpreters, gas, lumber, tools to set up a real woodworking workshop, wood and essentials for all of the projects and finally…materials to build the woodfire oven.

As in the past (when funds were leftover) we gave them to the mission.  In this case, it would be Transform Asia – The David Center.

So, I am asking you to lift us up.  For us to be guided and for us toIMG_0149 know His will and that we might go forward.  

Should you want to support us, please click on this link.  And then click on “Missionary Designation” and follow the links until you get to the payment page.  Don’t forget to find our name, “Wayne and Charlotte Allison.”  Thank you so much!

Your prayers, we covet…
love…Charlotte and Wayne Allison


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Medical Mission Trip– October 30 – November 13, 2015




Medical Missions

October 30 – November 13, 2015


We are calling all doctors, nurses, EMTs–anyone who loves to help people medically–we are looking for you!  These are amazing times and an awesome ministry experience!  There will be about a clinic a day, helping in various villages.  Many of the people can not make it to a doctor and therefore have simple problems that happen to be inflamed.

If you are not a doctor, but would love to help we are always looking for donations–if you have medicines that are not expired, we would love those.  But if you do not have medicine (and want to  help), then a simple donation will always come in handy.  Our teams can arrange, in the larger cities, to go to the drug store for certain items.

If this is something you would like more information on, please contact our US office at  Or feel free to contact directly Daniel Deckard at

Thank you!

1268102_596422660410177_2030437518_o11c IMG_4811


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Colfax Marathon–help us put the “fun” in fundraising!

We are looking for walkers for the 5K, and even runners for the marathon, half-marathon or 10K.  This is a gr6_RunColfax_Focals_2Days7Raceseat way to support the race, and help fund raise for TransformAsia!

If you are interested in joining us, just head on over to and sign up to race–the runs are on Sunday May 15th, while the 5k run/walk is on Saturday May 14th.  When you sign up  you can say if you are running to support a charity, click ‘yes,’ and scroll down to find “TransformAsia USA.” Then let us know you signed up and what the next steps are!  If you help to raise over $500 we would love to gift you a TransformAsia shirt!

Thank you for running, or walking, with us!

For more information please contact Elizabeth at



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December 2015 Christmas ideas

IMG_0163We are so blessed to have you looking at this page, and know that your heart was stirred to give to those who are less fortunate.

As in last year’s newsletter we outlined a few, helpful, ways for you to be able to bless TransformAsia.  In case you missed it they were:

  • Giving a donation of $15 for a backpack to one of the orphans on your child’s behalf
  • Giving a year of school supplies to one of a poor child for $30
  • Sponsor an orphan at $39/month Buying school uniforms for a child at $25 (2 sets) and shoes
  • Sponsor a rural pastor at $100/month
  • Sponsor a high school student at $30/month
  • Sponsor a college student at $1,000/year
  • Sponsor a girl at the Women Center or Trade School at $50/month
  • Feed a child at the Joy Day Care (child from the dump) at $30/month

To be able to donate to any of these, please just go to the top of the page and click on “Give.”  And for the sponsorships just click on the red “Sponsorship” button.  For backpack and school supplies, please click on the red “Program” button and follow the information there.

If you have so generously donated on behalf of someone we have a few extra steps for you:

  • Email us at to let us know that you have given a backpack.  And please include the name of the person who you donated on behalf of and also the mailing address in which we can send a certifercate stating that a backpack was given to a child in need in Cambodia.

Thank you again for the support you are giving to us.  We couldn’t do it without your financial gifts, but the best gift you could give to us this Christmas is praying for our ministry.  We know that the Lord can move mountains when we humble ourselves before him and pray (just talking to Him).  Thank you!IMG_0085

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The Biodigester and its Benefits

Consider showing the love of Christ by providing a sustainable source of energy and high quality fertilizer to TransformAsia projects by funding a biodigester. In addition, biodigesters reduce the amount of deforestation by decreasing the need of charcoal. Wood accounts for more than 80% of the total national energy consumption in Cambodia. The natural forest, the main source of fuel wood, has been severely degraded due to widespread logging and forestland conversion.  Biodigester Benefits Economic Benefits: -Saves expenditures on fuel sources such a fuel-wood and charging of batteries (payback period for biodigester is less than two years in energy savings alone); -Enhance soil productivity because of the use of bio-slurry (refer to benefits of bio-slurry); -Reduces the quantity of chemical fertilizer; -Save health care expenditures due to decrease in smoke-borne diseases; -Provides employment to local people. Health Benefits: -Contains animal waste into one central location, which improves sanitation; -Attaching latrines into bio-digesters improves water quality; -Reduces smoke borne disease (respiratory infection, dizziness, etc.). Environmental Benefits: -Preserve/conserve forest; -Reduce green-house gases (primarBiodigester systemy methane); -Prevent land-fertility degradation due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers; -Protects rivers, ponds, etc. Social Benefits: -Reduces workload especially for women and young girls since gas is instantly available; -Less time in collecting biomass so that children can go to school; -Provides a bright light to help in education and household works; -Reduces smells associate to human and animal waste, bio-slurry from the plant is odorless; -For projects that have electricity, gas offers a backup source of energy. Bio-Slurry Benefits: -Is pathogen free; -Bio-slurry from the biodigester is odorless and does not attract insects or flies in the open; -Unlike raw dung, bio-slurry does not attract termites, which harm plants; -Studies show weed growth is reduced to approximately
50% by using bio-slurry; -Has greater fertilizer value than compost manure or fresh dung; -Is an excellent soil conditioner and increases the soil porosity and water holding capacity; -Bio-slurry can be mixed with food or crop waste to increase nutrient value; -Accelerates the rate of composting; -Compost increases crop production by 10-30%; -Is effective over a period of three years. The cost for each biodigester ranges between $500 and $1,000 depending on the size and the location of biodigester. Installation of a Biodigester includes one lamp and one gas cooking set up (burner and rice cooker). Experienced contractors will install the bio-digester, which has a 2-year warrantee. The expected life of a biodigester is over 20 years. Questions: Please contact Jeffrey J Wing, PE LEED AP at Notes: 1. Cost includes a $150 subsidy from the NBP. 2. Data provided by the National Biodigester Programme (NBP) Cambodia. ———



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Kambour Feeding Program Has a New Look

We thank God for His provision to build a staff’s living quarter for the Kambour Feeding Program. God is raising young men and women to have desires to serve Him even with the abandoned children to whom He loves as much as those that privilege to raise by a loving and caring parents. Thank you Jesus for your loves and for being our Good Shepherd.

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Visit our Recent Photos Galleries from 1990 to Present

Click on this photograph to see Kambour Feeding Program

                                   Click this photograph to see The Battambang Trade School

Click on the photograph to see pictures of New Development Center

                                   Click on photograph for more of New Development Center

Click on this photograph to see Joy Day Care Center

Click on this photograph to see The David Orphanage Center



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