<!--:en-->Short Term or Vision Trip<!--:-->

<!--:en-->Short Term or Vision Trip<!--:-->

Has God put a seed in your heart to serve Him by serving the people in Cambodia?

If you know what God is calling you to do then please join us for a short term mission!  If you’re not sure where God is calling you, you can still join us by coming for a vision trip so that you can see what God is doing and really find how you can become a part of the awesome ministry of serving God in Cambodia!

Send us an email if you would like more information about how you can come on a vision trip or short term mission trip!



New Short Term Opportunity!

Medical Mobile Clinics Planned for August 11-21, 2016

For more information feel free to contact our US office by email:  info@transformasia.us.  We are blessed and excited for this upcoming trip!

Past Medical Mission information:

(This is past information, but perhaps you would like to bring a medical team to Cambodia this is very important information.  We are truly honored and blessed by all the medical teams that have come and served.  We can always learn from those who went before us.)

There are 2 frontier medical outreaches (in remote villages) planned in November, 2013 by Pastor Setan Lee.   If you have a desire to serve the Lord thru a medical team, you will have a variety of options with time frames available to you this November.  On Medical teams, we need Christian prayer warriors, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and lay people willing to serve as needed.  Through these outreaches we show the Love of Christ through free medical exams and free medicines.  But most importantly, we allow the Holy Spirit to flow and touch His beloved people of Cambodia through Christian drama and Prayer/Healing lines.  Indeed, these medical camps can really be called Salvation and Miracle Camps because the Lord will Seal our testimonies with thousands of signs and wonders.

Options for Participating

  1. Team 1 – A first team will leave the USA on Friday, November 1 and will return to the USA on Saturday, November, 16.  During this time-frame we will typically hold 7 clinics in remote frontier areas, and have at least 1 recreational day.
  2. Team 2 – A second team will leave the USA on Friday, November 8 and return to the USA on SFriday, November 22.  During this time-frame we will again typically hold 7 clinics in remote frontier areas, and have at least 1 recreational day.
  3. You can stay all of three weeks, meaning you leave the USA on Friday, November 1 and return on Friday, November 22.
  4. If you desire, we can set-up that you can come for 3 weeks during November.

The costs for participating on one team (for 2 weeks) is typically the cost of your flight (you can check yourself for an estimate) plus mission expense costs to cover all expenses (typically $1,250 to $1,500).  The Mission expense costs cover insurances, room and board, transportation, and many other items that need covered to provide a trip such as this one.

If you have not participated on a medical team to Cambodia before, then you will need to discuss this possibility (be interviewed by) the Team Leader for these medical trips in November.   Letters of reference from Pastors may be requested too.  The team leader will be Sam Hopper.

Thanks for your interest and pray for the Lord’s guidance.

May Jesus be Glorified forever and forever!