Medical Mission Trip–Would you like to lead one?

09 Feb

Medical Mission Trip–Would you like to lead one?





Medical Missions

We are calling all doctors, nurses, EMTs–anyone who loves to help people medically–we are looking for you!  These are amazing times and an awesome ministry experience!  There will be about a clinic a day, helping in various villages.  Many of the people can not make it to a doctor and therefore have simple problems that happen to be inflamed.

If you are not a doctor, but would love to help we are always looking for donations–if you have medicines that are not expired, we would love those.  But if you do not have medicine (and want to  help), then a simple donation will always come in handy.  Our teams can arrange, in the larger cities, to go to the drug store for certain items.

If this is something you would like more information on, please contact our US office at  

Thank you!

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