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TransformAsia Church and Dormitory Missions

For 15 years TransformAsia (TA) hosted a center known as the “Battambang Trade School”. Many young women gained knowledge in sewing and computer skills, which enabled them to find employment in garment factories and other tourist industries across Cambodia while being able to avoid being a part of human trafficking. We send a  special thanks to the Aurora Rotary Club and the Rotary International for their initial support for this project which happened in the early 2000’s.

 Since the new millennium, Cambodia has seen a lot of change. Garment factories no longer need skilled seamstresses to qualify for job openings; they now offer in house training for those who are interested in working in such industries. This means that young women no longer need a trade school in term of learning to sewing and or other skills. With this transition TA is finding that we should use our resources where most needed for the community and to impact the younger generation.

With growing numbers of students and educational institutions within the Battambang area, we are seeing more college and university students who are pursuing their future careers as long as someone can come along side them to help with lodging, food, and perhaps, tuition scholarships. TA leadership noticed this need and took this matter to heart in prayer and consideration. Thanks be to God, the DORMITORY mission has been established since 2010.

First, we only enrolled women for the dormitory. We then noticed male students were also in great need of our dormitory mission. After much prayer, TA leadership decided to also allow male students to be enrolled in our dormitory mission as well. This particular ministry is not only giving young men and women of Cambodia to the opportunity to earn their degrees, but also is an opportunity for us to share the love of Christ while they are residing with us. Thanks be to God, many of those students have given their lives to Jesus and are living lives that glorify Him in their professional fields and their families. The Dormitory mission is a mission of the TransformAsia Church, Battambang.

Battambang Street Ministry:

TA Church Battambang also hosts the Street Children Ministry three times a week. Church staff, students and volunteers pick up street kids from various Battambang slums and bring them to our Church facility for half  of a day. We give them baths, wash their clothes, feed them, and teach them the love of Jesus from the Bible. The children play games, learn worship songs, and Biblical dramas. Most of these children learn firsthand how God, our heavenly Father loves them.

Please pray for TA Church Battambang-staff, students, and volunteers as they faithfully serve this community with Christ’s love. Pray for resources to sponsor more students and to be able to continue to run the Street Children Ministry. You can sponsor a dormitory student at $45 per month and/or the Street Children Ministry at $30 per month.

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