Bibles and Literature

Bibles and Literature

We long to make Bibles openly available to every person in Cambodia who need the comfort and joy that is in the Word of God.

In Cambodia it is common for Bibles to be put away in the church and only brought out for classes and worship.  They are then locked away so as to protect them.  Pastors frequently worry about them getting worn out and not looking nice.  They want the Bibles to look beautiful in the event that their boss or whoever donated the money to purchase the Bible may come and see it in disrepair.  Whole boxes of Bibles have, in the past, been purchased and then left in the packaging for years to preserve the Bibles.  Or Bibles are stored away in separate rooms or in closed cabinets.  Church goers who don’t own their own Bible cannot take them out to study them at any time.

The Word of God needs to be freely available to anyone and everyone and in their own language!

Christ’s words of hope, love, and comfort should be openly available to all who seek Him!

We desire to put as many Bibles into churches as possible, get those Bibles out in the open for all to see and use, and get them into the hands of individuals who need God’s grace and love.

We are also looking into Talking Bibles, for those in remote areas who may not have had schooling.  These Bibles are solar run, therefore no need of a battery.  And the volume of the Bible is great for listening in a group setting.

If you so choose, you can also donate for  Bible covers to give peace of mind to those who worry about ruining their Bible.

Please prayerfully consider contributing to this project so that the Word of God can be made available and known to everyone in Cambodia!

How we will use your donation

How Much Does it Cost?

One Khmer Bible costs $12
Talking Bibles cost
A Bible cover for Cambodians will cost $5

Help us bring the word of God to the masses so that churches have Bibles not only to use but that they can give away to those who truly need God’s word in their lives and in their homes!