Rice Distribution / Performance Tour

Rice Distribution / Performance Tour

Since the Angkor era (12th century), Cambodia was known as an agricultural country.  Rice farming has always been part of the Cambodian tradition and their main staple.  All the other crops that Cambodia produces include corn, green beans, mangos, bananas, papayas, vegetables, coconuts, palms, and rubber plantations, and a few others.

Prior to 1975, the rice crops that were produced in Battambang province alone could feed the entire country and still export a huge amount abroad.  Since the civil wars in the early 70’s and the Killing Fields (which took place between 1975-1979), much of the farmlands could not be used due to million of landmines that were left by armies of various political groups.  This caused rice supply shortfalls year after year for millions of Cambodians.  Moreover, most of the Cambodian farmers owned very small lots of land with no irrigation.  They could not produce enough crops to feed their families, leaving nothing with which to bring in income.  Every year, nature plays a big part in the Cambodian everyday life, frequently bringing huge floods, or the other extreme, long droughts.  This makes farming even more difficult.

Since the early 2000’s, God has called TransformAsia to partner with Musicianaries Positive Life Radio, which is located in the state of Washington, to work hand in hand to raise funds for our annual rice distribution to Cambodia.  Through the generous people of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, funds are provided to purchase up to 350 tons of much needed rice each year to be distributed to more than 40,000 families in Cambodia.

At each of the rice distribution sites, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible tracts, the gospel of John, Christian concerts and Christian drama to the rice recipients, and to government officials in the local communities who participate in these events.

You can be a part of this incredible outreach to feed many families for several weeks by donating:

•    $500 (1 ton of rice) we can feed at least 40 families.
•    $250 (half ton of rice) we can feed at least 20 families
•    $125 we can feed at least 10 families
•    $63 we can feed at least 5 families
•    $25 we can feed at least 2 families
•    $13 we can feed at least 1 family