Student Ministries

Battambang Dormitory Project

In Battambang there is a large new university.  Previously known as the National University of Management, the school was rechristened as  the University of Battambang by Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng in 2007.  In 2008 the school began construction on new facilities in order to provide higher education to several thousand students.     The University of Battambang is now one of the best schools in Cambodia and because of this the student population of Battambang has exploded.

Cambodian colleges are not like American or European colleges as they do not have dormitories on   campus for students to live in.  All the students of the University of Battambang must find accommodations nearby in the city.  Most students from out of town will find lodging with relatives in Battambang or they will rent rooms with what money their families can provide.  Young men who neither have a relative in town or money to rent a room will often go to the Buddhist pagodas where they can serve the monks as temple boys in exchange for a place to sleep.  However, the young women who do not have a place to stay have no such option.  They girls must either return home or find work to cover the cost of a room which often can conflict with their studies.


In 2010 TransformAsia made the decision to use the dormitory at the Battambang Christian Center to help young girls in need as they seek to get an education.  This dormitory which was originally built to house the girls studying at the Trade School now will serve a dual purpose in housing the Trade School girls and young girls who wish to go to college.  When a new expansion is completed we will be able to host at least 50 college age girls who will pay a small fee and agree to participate in our ministry in exchange for a safe place to stay.  While they are with us we have the opportunity to share the saving message of Christ with these girls and reach even further with Christ’s message into the college community in Battambang!  To complete the expansion of our dormitory TransformAsia will need $25,000 to build a second floor to our dormitory and furnish it with beds and create a study area.  Please condsider making a special contribution of $50 towards this goal.