Transformasia University

In 1975 Pol Pot took over the government of Cambodia through military action and thus started the devastating communist regime of the Khmer Rouge and what we in the West call the Killing Fields. During this time in Cambodia over 40% of the population was exterminated, some 3 million souls were lost. God allowed Setan Lee to miraculously survive this genocide in order that he may illustrate the truth of Jesus Christ to the people of Cambodia through TransformAsia. In the last 16 years this organization headed by Setan, work with 150 churches across the country, bringing religion back to a population where all such teaching was punished by torture and execution. TransformAsia has bought women out of prostitution and founded a battered women’s center to provide for their reeducation. They also have built an orphanage to care for some the many thousands of children left without parents and expected to fend for themselves. Now TransformAsia desperately desires to strike at the heart of the problems within Cambodia. We are seeking funds to build and operate the first Christian Faith-Based University in Cambodia with disciplines in Medicine, English, Business, Counseling and Humanities. We anticipate a need for $5 million to build the facility, and $1.5 million a year to operate and maintain it. With these funds we will train 500 students annually in a number of disciplines with a Christian moral foundation, something this country desperately needs based on the shortage of leadership, and the situation with AIDS in country. It is our belief that these well trained professionals and pastors will significantly impact the economic and social future of Cambodia and potentially all of Southeast Asia.


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