The Allison’s in Cambodia–Coming Winter 2015/16

14 Oct

The Allison’s in Cambodia–Coming Winter 2015/16

We would like to share with you about a couple who is looking to come for a month to help at the David Center.  This couple is not your ordinary young adults, they are in their late 70’s and are truly depending on the Lord to help with the funds for their journey which they will make later this year in December.  But these two truly have a passionate heart, and energy like young adults!  Please read what they have written from their heart, and pray about whether or not you can help them.  If anything, please pray for them!  Thank you,


In March 2015, Wayne and I went to Battambang, Cambodia.  We travelled with two teams.  Our mission was to team teach 100 ladies at the first ever women’s’ conference.  We taught food preservation via water bath canning.  The other team taught how to live a Christian life by loving, forgiving, embracing all that the Lord gives us.  When we had the foot washing ceremony, there was an immediate outpouring of love and truly, a melting pot of brokenness.

When Setan and Randa visited us in Texas, they shared specific needs at the David Center Orphanage.  Wayne and I are writing to ask you to pray for us.  Setan and Randa Lee (survivors of the killing fields/Transform Asia) have asked for us to return to Cambodia.  They have a “need” list for the David Center, an orphanage of 80 +/- children.  Our hearts were there, instantly.  Wayne will teach basic woodworking skills to the older males.  They will build a workbench, a place on a wall board for tools, saw horses and vertical shutters for the guest house.  Someone suggested we look at building yard benches. Perhaps teaching them to make these for use at the David Center and for a trade.

If time and funding permits…constructing a woodfire oven has been requested by Randa.  Merely having the ability to bake, will be useful for daily living.  The oven could open the door for many ideas.  One thing the French left them was knowing how to make bread.  French bread would be less costly than rice.  But, it also could lead to these young men having a trade, making the wood fire ovens. 

Randa has asked me to teach a  couple of things to the children.  I am in the process of gathering yarns and supplies to carry over.  These are weaving related–bands and pot holders.

We are looking at going at the end of December or first of January, staying for the month.

At the present, (and this is where prayer is so needed) our budget is $14,000.  This includes our airfare, hotel, meals, interpreters, gas, lumber, tools to set up a real woodworking workshop, wood and essentials for all of the projects and finally…materials to build the woodfire oven.

As in the past (when funds were leftover) we gave them to the mission.  In this case, it would be Transform Asia – The David Center.

So, I am asking you to lift us up.  For us to be guided and for us toIMG_0149 know His will and that we might go forward.  

Should you want to support us, please click on this link.  And then click on “Missionary Designation” and follow the links until you get to the payment page.  Don’t forget to find our name, “Wayne and Charlotte Allison.”  Thank you so much!

Your prayers, we covet…
love…Charlotte and Wayne Allison


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