Vehicles Needed

Vehicles Needed

You never realize how important your car is, until it breaks down!  

Our vehicles in Cambodia are so important.  They transport our guest teams.  They help bring and take back home the children who visit our centers.  They get our children at the orphanage to school.  They help pick up our groceries.

They pretty much work as hard as your vehicles, with the exception of our roads.  Our roads are so hard on our vehicles, and that is one major reason why they no longer are running or are on the last little bit of life they have.  We are also facing a lot of taxes on our vehicles that don’t work, but we are wanting to see if we can trade them in or perhaps even sell them as scrap metal.  Though while they are still in our possession that means that we still have to pay the government for them.  They are also not passing the emission tests which is not good for anyone!

Please, join with us and partner with us to purchase new vehicles for our Battambang Ministry Center, Joy Day Care and David Center.  We would also love to purchase a nice van for our guest teams, but know that can wait a little.  But if anything, help us pray for the right donors to come along!

Thank you!